The Gritterman by Orlando Weeks

Whilst at first glance this appears to be a young child’s picture story book, this is anything but.

The Gritterman is a beautifully illustrated story filled with rich language and a tinge of melancholy that is ideally suited to children aged 8 years upwards.

Orlando Weeks created the book after his time in UK band The Maccabees came to an end. There is a musical album that accompanies it  though you don’t need to listen to it to enjoy this story.

The Gritterman is facing his last night at work having been made redundant by the council. His wife Joy is deceased and one of the illuminated 99 cones on his ice cream van no longer words. In an illustrative style much like Ramond Briggs, The Gritterman explored the isolation of the elderly as well as their grit and determination to carry on against inevitable retirement and the loss of his job.

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