This Month’s shopping News: June 2012

UK maternity Sportswear brand Sporty Bump, is expanding its range of pregnancy sportswear to include a pair of maternity fitness trousers. The wide-leg trousers have been designed specifically for pregnant women and those exercising to regain their pre-pregnancy shape.


Petra’s Planet is a new virtual world for children aimed at stimulating curiosity?. Aimed at children between 6-11 years of age, the new virtual world is free to play and contains more than 47 fun mini games and individual educational challenges.

Beautiful Buggy Walks: England Wellies, Wheels and Wonderful Walks, this new book features the best buggy friendly walks in England.

Punk Publishing

Find My Child is free app available to download now from the Apple App Store. Parents can send a photograph and details about their lost child to other parents in the area who have the app.

Gone Digging sell a range of personalised christening gifts for babies and young children. You can buy everything from Babies Astrological Charts to Personalised Teddy Bears – or even name a star after them.


Hello Fresh is a new grocery delivery service that sends customers interesting recipes and all the ingredients in the exact quantities directly to their homes. Each delivery contains simple step-by-step photo recipes from experienced chefs, designed so that users can create a restaurant-standard dish within 30 minutes.

A three-meal plan for two costs £39 per week, £59 for a family of four and £89 for six, while prices for the five-meal plan range from £49 to £129 a week.

Bemilo is a new mobile network that parents will be able to have full control over. A Bemilo safety pack costs from £2.95 per month, with calls, SMS and data purchased as part of a pay as you go tariff. Available to purchase at and The Carphone Warehouse.

myHospitalBag is a large bag pre-packed with over 35 products for mum and baby. It contains all the essentials for pre and post labour, along with a few nice extras.

Available in 5 different colours, the bag has been created to make the 48 hour stay in hospital a little more comfortable.

£85 including delivery