Three new health products


A new treatment for psoriasis containing the natural Indigo plant has just launched in the UK. Psoriasis is a recurrent skin condition affecting two per cent of the UK population. Normally a skin cell matures in 21-28 days, but Psoriatic cells  turn around in just 2-3 days leaving the sufferer with raised red patches of skin. Studies show that the Indigo plant can be effective in the treatment of psoriasis.

Indigo Skin Repair Cream is available exclusively from Skin Shop and costs £14.99 (150ml) visit or call: 0844 700 9975

Radox have launched a new natural antibacterial hand gel range, specially formulated to kill 99.9 per cent of germs. As well as being an effective barrier to germs without using water, the hand gel has added moisturisers and fragrances added to keep hands soft.

The hand gel is available in three different fragrances: Tea tree oil and thyme, Gentle chamomile and jojoba oil and Zingy lime and coriander.

Radox natural antibacterial Hand Gels are available to purchase nationwide in supermarkets and leading independent chemists for £1.29.

preeseedIt appears that sperm allergies are not uncommon, with fertility experts estimating that up to 25 per cent of couples experiencing fertility issues may actually have sperm allergies.

Brand new lubricant, Pre-Seed is the first sperm-friendly lubricant designed to mimic natural vaginal secretions to help make sperm more acceptable for women with allergies.

There are no symptoms with sperm allergies such as itching or discomfort. When a woman’s cervix becomes allergic to the sperm of her partner, the cervix treats it much like a germ.

The lubricant contains ingredients and a ph balance to help sperm live longer once in the vaginal canal, giving it a sporting chance at conception.

PRE-SEED costs £12.99 from: