Tried and Tested: ThermaCare Heat Wraps

New mums put their backs under incredible amounts of stress. Having just experienced the strains and pains of pregnancy and childbirth, there is no time for rest. As the body gradually returns to its previous wreck, new mums now have even more extra loads to lug around: A newborn baby, pram, changing bag and trying to get the whole ensemble on and off buses or in and out of cars.

Back pain is a big problem for post natal women and the condition is not helped with the persisting winter months. Chilly cold weather can exacerbate back pain.

Leading Back expert and author of ‘The Good Back Guide’ Barrie Savory, recommends using heat as a natural approach to pain.

Barrie says: “The best treatment for most back pain during the winter is to stay active and to keep your body warm by wearing lots of layers. Not only can heat be comforting during the cold weather, but it improves blood supply and circulation helping to relieve joint stiffness and muscle spasms.”

Thirty two-year-old Anne-Marie Dunstone, from Ashton, Bristol, put heat to the test with her pain. During December, Anne-Marie tested out ThermaCare Therapeutic Heat Wraps.

ThermaCare Heat Wraps are designed to provide drug free pain relief through heat therapy. They are placed on the skin underneath clothing.

Lasting for up to eight hours, the heat cells contain natural heat generating ingredients iron, charcoal, salt and water. The heat penetrates into the muscles, relieving pain by relaxing the body allowing blood to flow freely.

Anne-Marie said: “ I never really suffered back pain before or during pregnancy. Then about six months after giving birth I suddenly felt like I had fallen off a cliff. Every joint in my body hurt, my back being the worst. I was just thinking about returning to work but didn’t fancy the long hours sat in an office chair feeling like this. I was really keen to try out the ThermaCare Wraps as I had heard other mums used similar pain relief.

“The wraps don’t take the pain away completely, but what I found was that they helped get right into the stiff area and made the pain much less. I should imagine that sitting through a shift at work would be so much easier with constant heat going into my back.”

Not suitable for use during pregnancy
£5.86 for two single-use wraps