Turtle Tots is offering parents the chance to launch their own business

If you are looking for a fresh challenge in 2012, or are tired from trying to fit family life around your job, Turtle Tots is offering parents an opportunity to take charge of their very own business.

The swimming programme for babies and toddlers is now offering parents a chance to become a Turtle Tots licensee.

There is plenty of pre and post launch support, training and exclusivity to a particular area, and business owners don’t even need a swimming qualification as full training to teach the programme is provided.

Turtle Tots has been created by swim school specialist Gabby Lixton and business women Caroline Sparks – known throughout the South West for events such as the Little Monster’s Baby and Toddler Show.

For more information about starting your own Turtle Tots swim business, phone: 01275 857805, or visit: www.turtletots.com