YHA Oxford Street London Hostel Review

YHA Oxford Street
Noel Street

We paid £150 for a two person private family room for two nights on Thursday 31 May and Friday 01 June 2018


Booking any form of hotel or accommodation online is always a risk, which is why we stuck to a well-known and trusted brand for our latest stop in London.

Before this week I always thought staying in a youth hostel would be a bit like a German language horror movie involving murder, blood and screaming. In reality, it’s nothing like this and the perfect way of staying in expensive areas like central London at a reasonable price.

With evening tickets to Harry Potter Part One and Part Two at The Palace Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue, having a nearby hotel suitable for children was essential.

After some extensive web research, YHA Oxford Street was the most financially viable and happily located for a short walk back afterwards.

We went for a private room which contained bunk bed, sink, cupboard and was directly opposite clean full door shower cubicles. Toilets were a short walk down the corridor. Showers and toilets were both gender neutral – perfect for parents needing to accompany or assist children.

There was a good breakfast deal available in the mornings, as well as pizza to order, alcohol, soft drinks and hot drinks to buy, snacks, fruit and a clean kitchen to prepare your own food in.

The location of the hostel – as was warned on its website – was a little loud outside in the evenings. Being from an inner city Bristol council estate, it was nothing we weren’t used to and in fact, a lot quieter than the 2am pub karaoke we are usually exposed to.

The hostel was clean, the room was clean, the bedding was clean and for Central London, the prices of drinks and food very reasonable.

The YHA Oxford Street is perfect for people staying over for theatre trips. It’s a five minute walk from Les Miserable at Queens, ten minutes from Harry Potter at The Palace and great for the Soho nightlife.



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