You Can’t Make Me Go To Witch School by Em Lynas and Jamie Littler

This book is ideal for young independent readers transitioning towards children’s complex chapter books like Harry Potter.

Daisy Wart is a thespian. She wants to perform works of Shakespeare and is horrified when she finds herself packed off to Toadspit Towers, a school for witches.

There are several things that are quite agreeable about this book. The language doesn’t try to encompass the National Curriculum, forcing Good Use Of Adjectives, with the pace and language spot on for the average seven year old girl.

It’s light hearted and witty, brought to life with Jamie Littler’s quirky illustrations. This is so important for children of this age, especially for those struggling with their literacy who need a visual reference to the words they are decoding.

Children will love this gentle adventure with a twist at the end.

Nosy Crow