You essential guide to baby eczema at Itchy Baby

A new reference guide to baby eczema has just launched on the internet.

Best of all, it has been created with the experience and knowledge of a mum who has suffered the trauma of a newborn baby with the skin condition, making this a very valuable resource.

Andrea Shell found her ten week old son’s dry skin quickly progressing to severe eczema. Prescription creams and bath oils exacerbated the condition instead of making it better.

Finding Doctors not particularly interested in getting to the trigger of the condition, Andrea quickly embarked upon her own research, reading medical texts and papers and talking to other parents to better understand her own son’s condition.

Andrea said: “When you see a newborn baby with cracked, red skin, who can’t sleep for more than half an hour at a time because he’s so itchy, you understand that childhood eczema for many babies and their families is nothing short of torture.  To be told it’s ‘just’ baby eczema shows a deep misunderstanding of just how devastating this condition can be.”

Eventually Andrea worked out that her child was reacting to detergents and having discovered this, baby Josh’s skin is now under control and generally eczema free.

Andrea has now put together all of her own personal experience along with the medical knowledge she picked up along the way to create a fantastic internet resource for other parents whose babies and children are suffering with eczema.

Andrea says: “The aim of Itchy Baby is simply to provide a place of information, support and community for the parents of babies suffering with baby eczema.  It’s difficult to understand the distress and the impact of this condition unless you live with it.

“I hope that many parents and carers of children with eczema will share their experiences to help us build a treasure trove of information, suggestions to reduce the symptoms and ways of coping that will be a real support to other families and their itchy babies.”

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