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Bristol Play Park Not Ideal For Community

John Cozens Play Park in St Judes Bristol, is in disrepair and lacks opportunity for community use

A play park that’s falling on sad times is long due an update and improved facilities for community use.

The play area on Great Ann Street in St Judes, has fallen into disrepair, with equipment becoming unusable and in some places, unsafe.

The current play installation was updated between the summer of 2012 and 2014 according to Google maps.

A walk around the park now shows a recently replaced safety gate is too small to stop children from running out. The gap is so wide that adults can comfortably walk through it.

Play equipment is broken or wearing out. And, for the sheer number of families in the densely populated blocks of flats, it’s hardly fit for purpose.

The John Cozens Play Park in St Judes has seen better days

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Other parks in the city have adopted equipment for teenagers as well as trim trails and adult fitness equipment.

The Lawrence Hill Ward Profile makes for sobering reading, showing how important decent quality play equipment is to the quality of people’s lives locally.

  • It has the highest number of children living in relative low income families of all Bristol wards
  • It has the most adults aged over 65 receiving adult social care
  • It has the worst life expectancy for men
  • It has the highest premature mortality rate
  • It has the second lowest car ownership
  • It has the highest number of people claiming unemployment benefits
  • It has significantly high numbers of people living in flats
  • It has the highest number of people on pension credit
  • St Judes is one of the Most Deprived areas according to the LSOA

According to the Bristol Quality of Life Survey for 2022 – 2023, Just 41.4 per cent of people living in Lawrence Hill ward said they were satisfied with the quality of parks and green spaces in their area. The Bristol average was 73.1 per cent.

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