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Bristol Police Respond to St Judes Incident

Police cordoned off a section of the pavement on Wade Street

Police in Bristol responded to another incident on Wade Street in St Judes this weekend. The street is a regular fixture for emergency services with a proliferation of antisocial behavior and substance misuse.

Around 10.30pm on Saturday 26 November, several police cars responded to an incident at Logos House.

A member of the public described seeing blood on the floor inside the building.

Officers examined the pavement with torches before taping off an area directly outside and around the corner into Little George Street.

In September 2023, there 78 violence and sexual offences reported in St Judes. Additionally, there were 26 reports of anti-social behavior, 17 of criminal damage and arson and 16 of public order.

Bristol Police Respond to St Judes Incident

“It’s not surprising to see the police here again. They are often here,” a Wade Street resident told us, but declined to say her name.

“The other week, three police cars turned up and the officers wouldn’t go inside until they were together. I see quite a lot going on around here. It doesn’t bother me much. I do think we are so used to seeing things happening that no one bothers to call the police.”

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