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Review Golidilocks and the Three Crocodiles by Michael Rosen

Storyteller Michael Rosen is a bit of a National Treasure. He has multi-generation appeal, Twitter wit and even inspired internet people to create a quite surreal line of online videos featuring his face.

He’s back this month with a new book – Goldilocks and the Three Crocodiles.

Having not learned from her encounter with the Three Bears, Goldilocks is lost in her own world hunting out their abode with pup Tiddles by her side.

Distracted by the sing song sound of the sea, she finds her way to a whole new home invasion experience. This time it’s not the home of bears but Three Crocodiles.

This lush book is a quality storytelling experience for an adult reading to young children. The words flow really nicely, with a sense of adventure that will allow you to utilise that dusty LAMDA acting experience from youth.

This story legit contains accurate descriptions of the sound the sea makes, invoking that sense of standing on an empty beach staring out to sea.

Spoiler – Golidilocks doesn’t find the Three Bears’ home, but she does come across the home of the Three Crocodiles…

This book inspires a sense of fun and exploration in much the same way as Bear Hunt, infused with potential mild peril which kids love but with also that sense of safety that home and help is nearby.

Of course it’s not all Rosen’s party, with the delightful illustrations coming from David Melling. His croc wearing Crocs is great fun. That humour blended with coastal scenery portrays a sense of wonderment and adventure.

Golidilocks and the Three Crocodiles by Michael Rosen is out on 15 September 2022
Harper Collins Children’s Books
Hardback £12.99

We received an advanced review copy of the book for review purposes. All opinions our own as usual.

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