Doidy Cup Ideal for Weaning Babies, People with Motor Disabilities and Dementia

Did you realised how many diverse needs one Doidy Cup could resolve? We didn’t

They’ve been helping young babies learn to drink from an open cup for nearly 70 years now, but did you know the Doidy Cup is also ideal for people with motor disabilities?

At first glance, the cup may look like some wonky unnecessary baby product to add clutter to the kitchen. But the clever sloping design makes it easier for people struggling with the ability to coordinate movement.

If you stop to think about how you pick up a cup and drink, the motion is quite a complex progression of steps all happening at the same time.

Doidy Cup for Weaning Babies and Special Needs

The Doidy Cup helps cut out some of these stages by allowing a natural upwards and downwards motion of the arms. This is great for weaning babies who can bypass the need for teats and spouts. These additions contradict how to drink from cups and may cause developmental delay and tooth decay. Not only are babies learning to drink from an open cup correctly, they are learning the hand eye coordination necessary to do this. The drink is also clearly visible during the process allowing them to learn to judge starting and stopping.

Doidy Cup also reports that dementia patients benefit from using the cup. Many cups designed for the special needs market have lids and straws. This is not a suitable design for all people who require OT adjustments. The Doidy Cup is a design that patients in this user group will be more familiar with. It allows them to continue drinking from cups rather than adjust to the need for using straws and taking their comfort zone away from them.

The cups do not contain Bisphenol, Phthalates or PVC and are made in the UK from virgin food safe HDPE.

They are also freezer-proof, top shelf dishwasher-proof and come in 17 colours varying from sparkly, pearlised to plain solid colours.

£3.80 for a single cup or £10.26 for a pack of three
Available from Asda, Dunelm, John Lewis, Sainsburys and other UK retailers