Families Spend Ridiculous Amounts of Money on Unnecessary Holiday Junk

Clearly we’ve got holidays nailed, considering our unexpected bill for a staycation is probably an extra game of bowling and possibly some wifi usage.

But according to stats just released by Asda Money, families can be hit with up to £491 in unexpected holiday costs. This is in addition to the average holiday price £1212 UK families will spend going away during the summer.

The additional £491 was found to go on food, activities, holiday accessories and gadgets to occupy children, with children aged 6 to 12 years being more expensive than teens.

It’s not obvious why clothing was an unexpected costs considering it’s quite easy to open a wardrobe door, remove clothes and put them in a suitcase. But, apparently it’s quite difficult for some families to buy cheap shorts in hot weather – £128 average extra spend – or avoid buying teens expensive gadgets instead of them just reading a book – £101.

And bizarrely, it’s a staycation in the UK which is the most expensive in terms of unexpected costs according to 39 per cent of parents or carers.