Whether Joel Stewart realises it or not, there are multi-themes in this book that will make it appeal to a wide number of readers.

Firstly, it has a dinosaur obsessed girl called Daisy. A strong interest in dinosaurs from girls is something lacking in children’s literature. They are usually the preserve of the young boys.

Secondly, it is written from the point of view of Daisy’s pet dog Rex. The dog begins to feel left out when Daisy’s obsession with dinosaurs becomes somewhat problematic, to the exclusion of all else.

In fact, Rex leaves Daisy when she finds some tiny dinosaurs thinking she won’t need him anymore. Rex has problems of his own. He clearly feels a little insecure and possessive of Daisy. He also has problems with change and routine. Rex didn’t like his new bed. It was different. He didn’t like the new cat next door. It was a surprise.

This makes this picture storybook about change, obsessive interest and friendship ideal for young girls on the autistic spectrum from age two years upwards.


Oxford University Press