Baby Book Reviews – Richard Scarry, Ingela P Arrhenius, Axel Scheffler and Benji Davies

Wheres mr penguin
Where’s Mr Seagull? About to nick the Steak Bake out your hand!

Where’s Mr Penguin?
by Ingela P Arrhenius
Hardback from Nosy Crow £6.99

This hardback hide-and-seek book, features soft felt flaps to manipulate during a literary hunt for antarctic animals.

There’s no cliffhanger here, we do find Mr Penguin in the end. The felt flaps are a welcome change from the harder card alternatives, making it really easy for young babies to find the illustrative Easter Eggs.

Sturdy and ideal for entertaining small babies on buses or car journeys. Keep hold of your Greggs!


Bizzy Bear Space Rocket

Bizzy Bear Space Rocket
by Benji Davies
Hardback from Nosy Crow £6.99

Here’s a fun space book for toddlers who love to get their hands on books and physically explore them.

Bizzy Bear is headed to space in a rocket. There’s a distinct lack of NASA protocol, but this next stage from lift-the-flaps, has slides to push and pull. It’s great fun.

Flip Flap dinosaurs
What kind of dinosaur will you irresponsibly create?

Axel Scheffler’s Flip Flap Dinosaurs
Spiral flip book with 121 combinations from Nosy Crow £8.99

It’s books like these that are responsible for the kind of disasters than happen on Isla Nublar.

Children are given 120 ways of mixing up dinosaur DNA, to create different breeds.

For those who like to keep to the rules, matching the dinosaurs accurately yields fun, factual information about the name, features and type of dinosaur. Welcome to Jurassic Park.

Lowly Worms 123 Richard Scarry
Four good children riding the bus. Unless you are a Mumsnetter who thinks children should NEVER ever sit down on the bus.

Lowly Worm’s 123
by Richard Scarry
Hardback from HarperCollins Children’s Books £7.99

Richard Scarry’s delightful illustrations help children learn numbers, in this high quality hardback book.

The numbers go up to 20, with the numeral in strong contrast black and clearly standing out on the page.

The quirky characters are charming, telling a story and stimulating imagination even when there is no narrative.

All books are available to buy online or high street bookshops that haven’t closed down.

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