Blood Donation Voluteers Needed in Bristol for Covid Study

Needed – Blood Donation Volunteers Bristol for a COVID 19 study

Blood donation volunteers are being sought in Bristol to donate blood for a COVID-19 research study.

A pop up blood donation centre will be coming to the city on Saturday 05 June 2021 as part of the GenOMICC COVID-19 Study.

A group of NHS doctors and scientists across the UK have been trying to find out why some people who have had coronavirus have needed hospitalisation whilst others experienced few symptoms or none at all.

The researchers have been analysing blood from both groups of people to see if genes played a role in this.

They say this research is ‘extremely important’ because of disaprities in symptoms across different demographics of people, particularly those from African and Asian backgrounds.

The are calling for people in the city who have caught the virus but did not require hospital treatment to come forward and help them with the research.

So far, nearly 8000 people have volunteered to take part, which has already indentified potential new treatment going through clinical trial.

Bristol journalist and campaigner, Primrose Granville said: “Tragically, the impact of COVID-19 on African & Asian communities has been disastrous. It’s important we get involved in the fight against this virus. I’m encouraging everyone to take a minute to see if they’re suitable to volunteer for the study on the effects of COVID-19. It will involve a simple test that will help provide greater clarity on why members of our communities were so disproportionately impacted by this virus.”

Eligible participants can sign up online to donate blood at a temporary COVID-secure centre Leonardo Hotel Bristol Glassfields (3 Temple Way, BS2 0GS). For those who cannot get there, the scheme allows volunteers the option of making an appointment for a nurse to come to their home.

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