Bristol Antibiotic Amnesty to Prevent Resistance

Bristol Antibiotic Amnesty:

Bristol families are being urged to hand in unused antibiotics as part of an amnesty to prevent resistance.

The over-use and ‘misuse’ of antibiotics are becoming problematic in the treatment of bacterial infections, making them harder to treat.

“Antibiotics are a precious resource, the effectiveness of which is under threat from increasing bacterial resistance, creating one of the most significant threats to patient safety in Europe,” Dr Shruti Patel, the CCG’s Clinical Lead for prescribing says.

“Without effective antibiotics many routine treatments will become increasingly dangerous. Setting broken bones, basic operations, and chemotherapy all rely on access to antibiotics that work.

“By handing in unused or out of date antibiotics we can all help to stop them being used inappropriately and slow down the development of antibiotic resistance.”

Taking unused antibiotics  languishing in cupboards for later illnesses are causing the increased risk of resistance.

Dr Jonathan Hayes, BNSSG CCG Clinical Chair also advises people to deal with coughs and colds responsibily.

“Lots of people attend GP surgeries wanting to receive prescriptions for infections which their bodies are good at fighting off on their own, like coughs, colds, sore throats and flu,” he says.

“Initially you should try treating and controlling the symptoms for a few days by getting lots of rest, eating well and drinking plenty of fluids. Community pharmacists are well placed to help provide advice on over the counter medicines that can also help treat symptoms.”

Unused or out of date antibiotics can be handed in to any community pharmacy or hospital in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire as part of the amnesty.

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