Bristol Cathedral Launches New Gin with Espensen Spirit

A new limited edition gin has launched this week as part of a collaboration between Bristol Cathedral and Espensen Spirit.

The Friends of Bristol Cathedral are now hoping the Chapterhouse Gin project which they co-funded will help raise funds for projects around the Cathedral.

“Cathedrals and Religious Communities have been associated with brewing and distilling for centuries. This gin reflects that heritage and celebrates the flavours of our herb garden, with a hint of mystery from the frankincense which is used as a symbol of prayer in worship,” The Very Revd Dr Mandy Ford, Dean of Bristol said.

As well as frankincense, the new gin was inspired by the herbs and spices grown and used by the monks who lived and worshipped in the Augustinian abbey on the land predating the Cathedral we know now.

The original foundation for Bristol Cathedral stands on the abbey which was established back in 1140 and built just outside of the city’s original walls.

It was the sense of the abbey gardens that co-founder and creator of the new gin, Sam Espensen worked on evoking.

Sam said: ” I used traditional herbs and spices for the botanicals including chamomile flowers, angelica root, coriander seed and lemon peel. I also wanted to take some inspiration from life inside the Cathedral, so the gin also contains a tiny bit of Frankincense – tricky to use – but a beautiful botanical when balanced right, giving a wonderful piney taste. We use traditional bathtub methods at Espensen Spirit, so the gin is first distilled, then the botanicals are infused into the gin in tubs – resulting in its beautiful pale yellow colour that comes from the chamomile flowers.”

The gin measure 45 per cent and is available in 70cl and 5cl bottles.

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