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Bristol City Council Fire Risk Assessments Unavailable Online

Fire Risk Assessments for council owned blocks of flats are ‘temporarily unavailable’

At a time when all eyes are on Bristol City Council following the evacuation of Barton House, the fire risk assessments are ‘temporarily unavailable’ online.

On its fire risk assessments page, Bristol City Council says ‘A fire risk assessment is an inspection carried out by a qualified fire engineer that assesses the risk of fire of the block of flats.’

It says that the assessment is of the communal areas of the block and that it does not include access to any flats.

The outcome of the assessment also includes ‘recommended actions’. This may lead to work being carried out ‘straight away’ or as part of a ‘maintenance programme’.

But the fire risk assessments for council blocks of flats in Bristol are ‘temporarily unavailable’. Residents must individually email the council if they wish to see their fire risk assessment.

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