Bristol Eating Disorder Parent Support Illustrated with Cakes

An eating disorder webinar taking place in Bristol has been advertised to parents and carers looking for support for the child with a large plate of cakes.

The Sirona School Health Nursing Team are running the event for parents who are worried about their children’s ‘unhealthy’ relationship with food or expressing ‘concerns’ with body image.

Sirona said: ‘This webinar is presented by our School Health Nursing Team; the aim is to discuss the difficulties some children experience with food. This is suitable for any families who have a child who is experiencing a difficulty with eating, a negative relationship with food and their parent/carer is concerned their child may be experiencing or at risk of experiencing an Eating Disorder.’

It will be covering the ‘behavioural, physical and psychological signs of eating disorders’ as well as restrictive eating, emotional eating and binge eating.

But the invitation to the event was illustrated with a photograph of a plate of cakes, which caused upset within the Bristol Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (Send) community.

A parent told us: “This is a really careless and thoughtless thing to do. There’s lots of emotional aspects to disordered eating and for a health team to illustrate eating disorder advice with an image of cakes is not acceptable.”

Twitter user NavyEyeLash, brought the inappropriate usage to the attention of the local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) n social media.

A spokesperson for NHS Bristol, N Somerset & S Gloucestershire CCG on Twitter replied: “Thank you for your feedback, we will pass this on to the relevant team.”

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