Bristol Secondary School EHCP Numbers and Fixed Term Exclusion Data

Bristol Secondary School EHCP and FTE Data

Underlying data for the number of Education Health and Care Plans in Bristol has recently been published by the Department for Education (DfE).

The data was released on 07 May, which also revealed Bristol City Council to be the worst Local Authority in England for getting EHCPs completed within the 20 week statutory deadline.

Bristol Secondary School EHCP and FTE Data
Schools in yellow show those with the highest pupil numbers

We’ve taken a look at the data for Bristol secondary schools, with the exported results shown above.  Bristol City Council is not known for the reliability of its data and more Send (special educational needs and disabilities) statistics are due to be released in July. The schools in yellow are the five biggest schools based on pupil numbers.

In order of school size
St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School
has 1706 pupils with 209 on SEN support and 13 with EHCPs
Cotham School
has 1492 pupils with 255 on SEN support 3 with EHCPs
Redland Green School
has 1472 pupils with 227 on SEN support and 25 with EHCPs
Ashton Park School
has 1262 pupils with 155 on SEN support and 15 with EHCPs
Merchants’ Academy
has 1095 pupils with 229 on SEN support and 6 with EHCPs

Redland Green School has the highest number of EHCPs at 25. But there’s a large disparity when it comes to comparison with neighbouring Cotham School, which has a similar number of pupils yet just 3 EHCPs amongst the pupil population. Cotham School also has the highest number of pupils on SEN support compared to the other four biggest schools.

Looking at all schools, there are interesting statistics surrounding Bristol Cathedral Choir School. It’s only marginally smaller than Merchants Academy and doesn’t have a specialist resource base. But amongst its 1069 pupils, there are 227 pupils on SEN support and 25 with EHCPs.

Oasis Academy Brislington has a total pupil number of 796, with 47 pupils with EHCPs. The school does have a small autism resource base on site. City Academy Bristol, another smaller school at just 738 pupils has 25 with EHCPs, again having a resource base for pupils with Moderate Learning Difficulties and Speech, Language and Communication Needs.

When it comes to the latest DfE numbers on fixed term exclusions (FTEs) for 2017/18, the data is far less reliable. Schools are not going to report unlawful exclusions or off rolling to the DfE, so the results should be used with great care.

In October 2019, a report from The Education Policy Institute (EPI) and sponsored by the National Education Union (NEU), named Bristol as one of the Local Authorities with the highest number of ‘unexplained exits’ from their schools.
fixed term exclusions 201719

St Bernadette’s Catholic Secondary School – the smallest secondary school in Bristol – had the highest number of FTE at 691 for the academic year 17/18. This was followed by Henbury School – now Blaise High School – which had nearly half with 386 FTE – although it does have the second highest number of EHCPs at a Bristol secondary school at 39.

Whilst Bristol Send is complex and data reported to the DfE by Bristol City Council is questionable, the data does raise questions about the number of EHCPs held by pupils at secondary school and how representative it is when it comes to inclusion and support.


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