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Broadmead Store Affected By Falling Masonry

Customers Warned of Falling Masonry from Broadmead Store

Bristolians were warned of falling masonry from a Broadmead store this morning, with a sign urging people to ‘approach with caution’.

Sketchers on Broadmead in central Bristol, had a sign in their window warning the public about ‘falling masonry’ advising them to take care.

Falling Masonry in Broadmead Prompts Warning

What was once a bustling shopping area, is becoming sorry for itself, with uncertainty over its future with forthcoming development.

The Galleries Shopping Centre which dominates the Broadmead area, will be replaced by a new development from Bristol-based developer Deeley Freed with LaSalle Investment Management.

Construction is currently expected to start in Spring 2025 with a planned opening of the new development in 2027.

Time Capsule laid underneath The Galleries in 1989

More information about the future of The Galleries and its development can be found here:

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