Castle Park Church Bristol Added to Historic England At Risk Register

Castle Park Church Bristol:

A major Bristol landmark has been added to the Historic England Heritage At Risk Register, which monitors the historic sites most at risk of being lost forever.

The dynamic list will see historic sites added or removed each year. A total of 1,435 in the South West region are currently at risk. Whilst 62 sites – including the Trinity Centre in Old Market – have been saved, another 48 have been added this year.

Historic sites become at risk of being lost as a result of neglect, decay or ‘inappropriate development’.

This year, the Church of St Peter on Castle Park in Bristol has been added. The famous Bristol landmark is a 15th century church which was damaged in the first bombing raid of Bristol in November 1940.

The church retains its walls but has lost its roof and interior. The ruins are maintained by Bristol City Council as a war memorial to the civilian dead. It’s a Grade II* listed building, but much of its stonework is deteriorating and its internal paving needs attention.

Regional Director at Historic England South West, Rebecca Barrett said: “The message is clear – investing in and celebrating our heritage pays. It helps to transform the places where we live, work and visit, creating successful and distinctive places for us and for future generations to enjoy. But there’s more work to do. There are buildings still on the Heritage at Risk Register that are capable of being brought back into meaningful use and generating an income, contributing to the local community and economy. These are the homes, shops, offices and cultural venues of the future, as the Trinity Centre in Bristol shows.

“Historic England’s experience shows that with the right partners, imaginative thinking and robust business planning, we can be confident in finding creative solutions for these complex sites.”

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