Children’s Books Out Now

Moon River
By Tim Hopgood
Hardback £12.99

This beautifully illustrated book is the perfect bedtime share with little ones. The book is based on the song Moon River by Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer and comes with a sing-along CD of the Andy Williams version.

A little girl and her teddy bear friend take a dreamy trip along the river, taking in the beauty of the whole world around them.

This is the perfect bedtime book.

Follow Me
By Lucie Sheridan
Boardbook £6.99

This boardbook for babies, encourages hand-eye coordination through a series of scenes featuring animals.

Delightful illustrations at the heart of trails for babies to follow

Babies love to explore things with their hands. They will be able to do that with this robust book and the simple words will also introduce the concept of books and reading.

The lovely illustrations are also in contrast with the white background making them easily visible for gradually developing eyesight.

the purrfect pawse
The Purrfect Pawse
By Avril McDonald and Tatiana Minina

There’s two sections to this book, which features the beautifully illustrated characters from the Feel Brave series.

It’s aimed at getting children aged between 4-7 years of age to work on well-being through a series of gentle physical activities and calming quiet time.

The first section features simple moving and stretching with gentle actions and rhyming verse.

The second brings back character Wolfgang and uses poem Stars in the Night to help children quietly focus on positive thoughts.

For stressed out children stressed dealing with starting infant school or those who maybe experiencing difficulties during infant school days, this may help them calm and refocus.

Speed Birds Alan Snow

Speed Birds
Alan Snow
Hardback £14.99

This brilliant book merges storytelling with how cars work. Children with conditions such as Autism or Aspergers who can be difficult to engage with stories, but love facts – especially how things work, are the perfect audience.

This clever book is really impressive in the way it blends facts, information and story

Through clever illustrations the book presents tons of information about mechanics but without feeling overwhelming. In fact, it would probably have been really helpful for my 1995 DT GCSE.

This book is pretty ageless. It’s ideal for anyone from around 5 years of age to around 40-50.

Red and the City

Red and the City
By Marie Voigt
Hardback £11.99

This delightful tale is based on Little Red Riding Hood. This time, Red is sent off by her mother to take a cake to Grandma’s. Red is warned to follow the red heart flowers along the way, a device which further gives children a chance to really engage with the story.

Instead of being swallowed up by the Big Bad Wolf, Red clearly struggles with an attention deficit being incredibly distracted by everything around her and wanders off into the heart of the city.

There are plenty of modern day safety warnings in the book, though really social services should be all over Red’s mum faster than you can say child protection.

super frozen magic forest

Super Frozen Magic Forest
By Matty Long
Paperback £6.99

You can’t fail to love Matty Long books. There’s so much going on in this busy world of quirky characters.

matty long

Of course, in this new story there is the main plot of intrepid adventurers out on a quest to save the Magic Forest from the snow of the Ice Queen, who much like Theresa May plans on covering the world in misery and cold.

But, it’s the background that provides equal humour and genuinely laugh out loud moments, from the sneezing flower to Karaoke Knight.

This book is a winner for adults and children alike.

Winnie and Wilbur the monster mystery

Winnie and Wilbur – The Monster Mystery
By Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul
Hardback £11.99

There’s a mystery for Winnie and Wilbur to solve in this autumny book, out in perfect time for preschoolers’ Halloween celebrations.

Just who is leaving the giant footprints around the garden? Winnie soon learns that leaving gardening until its too late is a life lesson.

Meanwhile, will Wilbur be OK after he tumbles into the path of monsters? Of course he will. It’s not a Netflix horror, and the cat solves the mystery much faster than Winnie!

this book just stole my cat

This Book Just Stole My Cat
By Richard Byrne
Hardback £11.99

From the author of This Book Just Ate My Dog, comes similar merriment featuring a boy and his cat.

Ben’s cat disappears into the pages of the book along with anyone trying to assist. Readers are required to tickle the book and shake the characters free.

After running into the light, will Ben’s cat ever be the same again? Or will it come back different?

myths and legends

Magical Myths and Legends
Collected by Michael Morpurgo
Hardback £14.99

Michael Morpurgo has collected a series of classic myths and legends from around the world.

The traditional stories include Robin Hood, Mulan and Thor in an easily accessible illustrated format, ideal for encouraging independent reading.

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