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Chopsy Baby is Reviewing… Toddlers: an instruction manual by Joanne Mallon

Chopsy Baby Says:

Rating: 7/10

What is it?

Joanne Mallon, is a freelance parenting journalist, a life and career coach and mother to two children.

Her new book – Toddlers: an instruction manual – A guide to surviving the years one to four has been written by and includes contributions from parents.

Instead of professional experts, the expert voice in this book is the parent blogger, with advice from some of the UK’s more high profile bloggers included.

Part of the royalties are donated to Home-Start, one of the UK’s leading family support charities.

Reviewed by…

Chopsy Baby

Throughout Joanne’s toddler manual, the tone taken is in the vein of one of those friendly and informative mums who pop up on parenting forums to offer some support and advice. Of the useful and non-judgemental kind.

The entire basis of the book is about real life situations, covering everything from day-to-day routines, tantrums, potty training and other difficulties such as eating and introducing a new baby.

This book approaches it subject matter from a very subjective point of view. While offering advice, there is a constant reminder to parents to remember that their child is cute and you love them unconditionally.

The years between the ages of one and four are long and far more complex than any book including this one can give credit to.

But for parents at the end of their tether and quite sick of the judgemental faces pulled at them by other members of the public, this book will remind them that they are not alone.

Best of all…
Reminds parents the toddler years are short. Embrace them instead of wishing them away.

Could improve…
Nothing, but you won’t find the answer to everything here.

A book to support you emotionally through the dark days of parenting toddlers.

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