Christmas Books for Children

Christmas Books for Children – Ideas for Advent Reading

A Christmas Story and The Twelve Days of Christmas
By Brian Wildsmith
Hardback £7.99 each
Oxford University Press

Brian Wildsmith A Christmas Story

There’s two festive books from Brian Wildsmith this Christmas for those who like their advent with more tradition than mainstream.

A Christmas Story, is a beautifully illustrated children tale based around the nativity donkey and Rebecca. It’s exactly the sort of story a reception age child would understand based upon the way infant schools approach Christmas.

The Twelve Days of Christmas Brian Wildsmith

If you can’t get right your Maids a-Milking from your Swans a-Swimming, The Twelve Days of Christmas will provide an illustrated reminder.

Santa’s Wonderful Workshop
By Elys Dolan
Oxford University Press

‘You’ll laugh out loud’ the inner cover of this book proclaims. That’s a bold claim indeed, but I did manage a hearty LOL on the last page. There’s so much going on in this busy book, you really get the chaotic feel of Christmas Preparation in North Pole. From busybody snowman next door Mr Johnson, to Alan the Turkey and Barry the Bauble Co-ordinator, there’s plenty to laugh at as Santa prepares to give presents to a growing population.

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