Clevedon Publisher Runs Kickstarter For More Dyslexia Friendly Books

Books on the Hill in Clevedon aims to improve the accessibility of dyslexia friendly titles for adults

Clevedon’s Books on the Hill, is aiming to publish more dyslexia friendly adult titles and are running a Kickstarter campaign to make it happen.

The bookshop has already had resounding successful with books they have previously published and now want to extend their range to include more bestselling authors such as Bernard Cornwell, Peter James and Arthur Conan Doyle.

The difference with dyslexia friendly books are the way they’re presented to the reader. They use larger Verdana fonts and thicker paper, so the ink does not bleed through from the other side. The pages are not white but are cream-coloured, with larger gaps between sentences and paragraphs. This is ideal for dyslexic readers, those experiencing visual stress or who have Irlen Syndrome.

BOTH Press have a Kickstarter running until 04 July 2022. It needs more than £20,000 a year to keep publishing dyslexia friendly titles. All funds raised go directly towards book production.

“Many individuals who have told us their stories do not want to be mentioned due to fear of stigma about their struggle to read,” Dr Alistair Sims, founder and manager of Books on the Hill and BOTH Press said.

“For years we have had customers tell us of relatives who love stories, and would love to read, but have endured a lifetime of being called stupid. 

“It is brilliant that a sea of children’s books now come in dyslexic friendly formats. But that is a recent development, and there are hundreds of thousands of adults who have never had the opportunity to read for leisure with all the benefits that brings. 

“This Kickstarter is not a choice, it is a necessity. UK book publishers have had decades to get this right. It is nonsense to think dyslexics do not want to read. That there is no serious offering accommodating the 10 percent of the population who struggle to read perpetuates the myth, 

“More than anything we want to give people a choice, but we want to usher in a commercial and attitude change to how people understand and approach dyslexia.

“We are asking people to support this Kickstarter, but we area also calling out the “Big Five” Publishers for overlooking the massive potential and reading appetites of adults with dyslexia.”

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