Coulrophobia at The Wardrobe Theatre Bristol Review

Wardrobe Theatre Bristol
Saturday 13 October 2018 at 8pm
Tickets £12

I had a feeling about this show before it started. This is why we sat right at the back of the auditorium at a point as far away from the stage as possible. It meant we didn’t end up playing cardboard instruments, attending a cocktail party, having a cardboard haircut, eating at a cardboard restaurant, or taking part in a cardboard gunfight. Those who did find themselves dragged onto stage helped create a show that was so funny, my face ached from laughing.

Coulrophobia is a show about two clowns Dik and Adam (performed by Dik Downey and Adam Blake), who are trapped in a cardboard world. Imagine Dick and Dom for adults.

They are held hostage by a sadistic and whimsical puppet master, created using the most sinister puppet I have ever seen.

Clever direction from John Nicholson, kept the show unpredictable, comedically dark yet somehow on track.

Comedy aside, it’s pretty impressive watching an entire auditorium happily play along being a stormy sea, pirates or even a squeaky orchestra.

That wondrous world Slava Polunin created with white paper snow, Pickled Image has done with cardboard, but with added nightmare thrown in. It’s a winning combination.

The show has finished at The Wardobe Theatre now, but for more information, visit:

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