EHCP Help and Send Advice in Bristol with Send Advocacy

A brand new Send advocacy has just launched, aiming to help families get the educational support their children and young people need.

It’s an unfortunate fact that children and young people with Send – Special Educational Needs and Disabilities – are not getting the help they need in education. This leads to families entering confusing legal systems to get much-needed interventions and in some cases, a school place.

Bristol based Alice Marshment, worked as a barrister for almost a decade before recognising the difficulties parents, including herself, were facing with Send provision.

Turning her talents to education law, Alice is now working directly with families. She guides them through the system, ensuring that children and young people across the country will be able to access the support they are legally entitled to but often not getting.

EHCP help – Education Health Care Plans – is one of the biggest issues facing parents and carers – particularly in Bristol. It can be difficult to get an EHCP, take an unlawfully long time and even then need specialist legal help to make sure that it contains the provision needed.

As well as the initial help with EHCPs, Alice can also advise and support with annual reviews, exclusions, transport issues, disability discrimination and appeals to and from the SENDIST tribunal – as well as representation at hearings.

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