Historic Images of Bristol City Centre From 2003

  • Historic Images of Bristol – Video footage and stills taken from the footage in YouTube video

We found some old video of Bristol City Centre from a project back in 2003. The video was compressed and edited in black and white with a speed increase, but when you slow it down, the stills tell a story of long gone corners and shops of Central Bristol from earlier in the century.

Direct Link: https://youtu.be/fE9IpIRkS0o

Footage, which is mostly in a linear order, starts around the former Bristol Evening Post printing hall, goes through Broadmead, including The Horsefair and Penn Street before Cabot Circus was built.

It then moves through Broadmead, the Centre, up Park Street to the top of Whiteladies Road, before coming back down the otherside and ending on St Augustine’s Parade.

Long gone shops include Forbidden Planet on Penn Street, Littlewoods, a former and empty Pizza Hut store next to Castlemead, House of Fraser and Harold Hockey.

A selection of over 60 stills can be seen in the gallery below

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