‘Huge Crash’ Following a ‘Chase’ Sees Heavy Police Presence in St Jude’s Bristol

Heavy Police Presence In St Jude’s Following ‘Police Chase’

A ‘huge crash’ following a ‘police chase’ is how a Bristol resident described the moments preceding a large police presence in the St Jude’s area of the city last night.

Several local residents on Wade Street, reported hearing the screeching of tyres before a loud impact on Great George Street at approximately 9.45pm on Tuesday 16 June.

The resident, who asked not to be named, said: “I heard the screeching of tyres on the main road outside and looked out of the window. I saw a massive police chase come down Wade Street and go around the corner, followed by a loud impact. Loads of people came running out and down past where the butchers was. It looks like it may have crashed.”

Police on the scene said of the ‘incident’ that everyone was ‘safe and well’.

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