It’s Never Boring in St Jude’s Bristol Police Crime Map Stats July

Crime in St Judes Bristol:

I find the Police Crime Map fascinating. It gives a real insight into exactly what activity is going on in the local area. Not that you really need this on Wade Street because you get a fully immersive experience.

This month, I was heartened to see that the levels of criminal activity hasn’t been dampened by Bristol gentrification and continue at their usual consistently high level. This means there is no danger of an overpriced coffee shop opening up to raise the rents £50 a month.

In July 2018, we had a staggering fourteen reported incidents of antisocial behaviour in our immediate vicinity, one public order, one criminal damage and arson, two other theft, six violence and sexual offences, one bicycle theft and amazingly, just one for drugs. I know that statistic is going up once figures reach September. Drugs busts featuring dogs, vans and a big red door key tends to wake everyone up.


blood on the pavement st judes bristol

We get some funny looks in the morning when we leave on the school run from passing motorists. No, it’s not a Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire dance routine we are emulating, but a bizarre tap dance trying not to step in blood or vomit. The delight above was also dripped down the walls and stairs inside.

But I know the St Jude’s craziness is not restricted to our block. Last weekend, people in the neighbouring block had a punch-up in the street. There was also a Loud Music Standoff when the resident DJ playing her music at full blast triggered the ire of another resident who then put her music on full blast to drown them out. I am also worried about the person opposite who hasn’t put their loud Christian praise music on. It is now three hours past the usual time she blasts out songs about Christ’s love. Actually perhaps that’s a minor miracle and a good reason to start praising him instead.

I have been looking at moving, but I genuinely think I would miss living here. Anywhere else would be quiet and dull in comparison.

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