Mothers of twins or multiple births not prepared for possible neonatal care

Mothers giving birth to twins or more, are not being fully prepared for the care their babies may need.

According to a survey of nearly 700 parents who had a multiple birth during the last 18 months, one in five mothers were not aware their baby was more likely to be born early, needing to be cared for in a neonatal unit.

Of those parents who were not made aware of this, 54 per cent did have one or more babies requiring this type of care.

Parents said the experience was alarming or even traumatic, suddenly finding themselves in a tough situation they could have been prepared for.

The survey is by multiple birth association Tamba, who are working with special care baby charity Bliss, to launch a free guide to help parents of multiple birth become fully prepared.

They are also urging health care professionals to make sure pregnant women are fully advised about the special care their new babies could need.

Tamba’s CEO, Keith Reed said, “It appears that some health professionals, on occasion, forget to advise expectant parents of multiples that their babies may need treatment in a neonatal unit. In other instances, parents may have been told but not picked up on the fact. Either way, the point needs stressing and ideally more than once. It’s such a simple thing that can make an enormous difference to our families.”

For more information or to contact Tamba, visit: or call freephone helpline – Twinline 0800 138 0509