Optimus Comic Con Bristol 2018 at The Passenger Shed in Bristol

Bristol Comic Con 2018

Fans of sci-fi, comics and the quirky, congregated at The Passenger Shed in Bristol this weekend, to celebrate ‘geek culture’.

Optimus Comic Con Bristol, gave Bristolians the chance to dress up as their favourite character and take part in a range of activities with plenty of shopping opportunities.

Throughout the day, actors and professionals from the sci-fi world of comic books, films and TV took to the stage to answer questions about the industry as well as talking about interesting anecdotes.

Robert Cavanah provided useful insights into drama training, whilst Elen Thomas talked about why she swapped from on camera Weeping Angel Actor to make-up artist instead.

Mickey Lewis’ tales of being a Cyberman and Dalek also entertained young Whovians.

Velociraptors caused mayhem both inside and outside of the venue, with proceedings viewed by Mr Stay Puft.

For more information about the event, visit: www.bristol-comic-con.com

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