Primary School Children with Complex Difficulties New Assessment Aproach

7 Aspects of Engagement Approach to Complex Disabilities in Primary School:

A ‘pioneering new approach’ to assessing primary school pupils with ‘complex’ disabilities will be introduced from  2020.

There are around 7000 pupils in primary education whose needs are too complex to measure attainment in national curriculum tests.

The new statutory assessment will replace P scales 1 to 4 and will be based on the ‘7 aspects of engagement’. The 7 Aspects of Engagement was developed in 2011 by Profession Barry Carpenter through a DFE funded project. The aim is to enable all kinds of progress to be identified and help teachers tailor provision to meet specific needs.

This is a significant milestone in our drive to make sure every child – even those with the most complex needs – receives the highest standard of education and care,” School Standards Minister Nick Gibb said last week.

“We have already introduced education health and care plans that are tailored to children. This new approach to assessment will make sure that individual focused approach is replicated in the classroom.”

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