Revealed Tobacco Factory Theatres 2022 In-House Production

A world premiere production of Daniel J Carver’s Revealed, will be the in-house autumn production at Tobacco Factory Theatres this year.

Centering on 17 year-old Luther, the play is set against the backdrop of an uprising following a police custody incident. Surrounded by riots and protests on the street, Luther sees family in a new light as the show tackles racism, masculinity, sexuality and mental health in this powerful drama.

Revealed has been co-commissioned by the theatre with Birmingham mental health organisation The Red Earth Collective. The Collective uses the arts to challenge the stigma of mental health and discrimination in marginalised and racialised communities.

Daniel J Carver

Play creator Daniel J Carver said: “As a Black British Man of Jamaican descent and recently a father of a 1-year-old, I have often reflected on who am I, and where do I stand in this world? Revealed is such an important world for me to explore as it unpicks what black men think and feel, but don’t say.

“I have written this piece because I want to connect audiences to the heartbeat of what drives us to make the choices we make. How do we function in times of conflict and uncertainty, and what are our default coping mechanisms?”

The theatre’s Associate Director Jay Zorenti-Nakhid will be directing Revealed, his first main production for the venue.

“The power of theatre never fails to surprise me,” Jay says. “This play is about fatherhood and the importance of male relationships and a need to reach out and talk about emotions. When I was working on an early version of Revealed, the process inspired me to search for my biological father. I managed to track him down eventually, and when I told him that I was a Theatre Director, I mentioned a new drama that I was working on. Unbeknownst to us both, he had attended a preview sharing of the play without knowing it had been directed by his son. We were both in the same space, unknown to each other at the time, reflecting on each other and everything the play brings up around family relationships. It blew my mind! Of all the projects I’ve been involved with, Revealed is a very special and emotional one and now holds an even closer place in my heart.”

Revealed, will run at Tobacco Factory Theatres in Bristol from Thursday 22 September to Saturday 08 October 2022.

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