REVIEW: The Top Gear board game from Imagination Games

Over recent years, the BBC programme Top Gear, has transformed from a stuffy specialist show into a popular family favourite with a broad appeal.

The recent furore concerning the unmasking of Ben Collins, the Bristol based Stig, only further propelled the television show into mainstream discussion everywhere.

Families can now enjoy the quirkiness of the magazine show with the Top Gear game from Imagination Games.

The car challenge board game fuses together elements of the television show format, its three presenters and Top Gear and car trivia.

Players get to race each other around the board collecting cool points towards creating your ultimate car. Along the way is the opportunity to challenge rivals to a game of Caravan Conkers, and give away just how many times you have seen the reruns on Dave.

Bristol dad Mike Bradley, accepted the Top Gear board game challenge, with his wife Sally and their 8 year old daughter Bella and 13 year old son Ryan.

Mike says: “It wouldn’t have been my first choice for a board game but all my family sit down to watch Top Gear when we are in and I thought it was worth a shot. It’s a funny TV show and you don’t have to be really interested in cars to enjoy it.

“The kids enjoyed the hazards and challenges cards and the multiple choice questions do give players a sporting chance at getting answers right, even if they know little about cars.

“We did all have a good laugh whilst playing the board game version. My eight-year-old daughter displayed a surprising knowledge about cars and my thirteen-year-old has nabbed it several times to play around his mate’s house.”

Sally says: “Obviously, there is little point getting the game for a non-fan, so if your family are fans of the show, then it stands to reason they will enjoy sitting down to play this game when there’s nothing to watch on telly.”

The Top Gear board game is a good choice for a night in with the kids over pop and pizza, or with semi drunken mates when the pubs shut. The game will have the same broad appeal for families as the TV show itself.

Available nationwide