Sensory Lights Ideas – White Photography Cube as Projector Tent

White Projector Tent from Product Photography Cube

You can utilise many day-to-day products as age appropriate sensory experiences, with supervision if necessary.

They also don’t have to be expensive. This white table top photography cube was tucked almost out of sight folded flat in a charity shop. It was missing its backdrops making it unsuitable for photographers, but for £4.50, it makes a brilliant mini projector den.

White projector tents can be used to great effect with exterior Mathmos projectors, or UV lights and glow-in-the-dark balls. The possibilities are endless. But for something more compact for small spaces, a mini photography cube is great. You can’t sit in it, but you can create some fantastic effects inside a miniature world.

The photographs above show the photography cube being used at nighttime with a fireworks gun.

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