Stonehenge Live Feed Pulled by English Heritage

Those joining the English Heritage live stream of Stonehenge were treated to footage recorded earlier in the week

The Stonehenge Live Feed of the Summer Solstice 2021 was pulled by English Heritage this year, after members of the public turned up to group around the stones.

The outdoor Summer Solstice event was cancelled last week due to ‘Covid restrictions’. Instead, English Heritage planned a live stream from the location for the second year in a row.

Those tuning in around the world for the highly anticipated live stream were greeted to a series of interviews and Q and As as the critical sunrise time approached.

Stonehenge Live Feed fail by English Heritage
English Heritage failed to broadcast sunrise at Stonehenge

Instead of continuing with the Live Feed with people within the stone circle, English Heritage live streamed footage recorded earlier in the week.

Upon returning to the live feed at around 5am, English Heritage chose to set up a view of the very tops of the stones, despite requests on the Facebook live feed to pull the camera back.

In a post on Facebook, English Heritage said: ‘Thank you for your patience during the technical difficulties this evening. Unfortunately, we are disappointed that a few people chose to disregard our request not to travel to Stonehenge which has affected the live stream this year. We are enormously grateful to everyone who has stuck with us and supported the broadcast and for being so understanding during these difficulties.’

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