Stressed Parents Forget To Pick Up Children From School And Set The house On Fire

Stressed Parents Cause Disaster: Tired, stressed parents are forgetting to actually parent, with research showing that one in ten of them have forgotten to pick up their child from school.

Not only are busy lives impacting upon dealing with their children, forgetful parents are also creating dangerous situations.

One in 20 parents have set the house on fire, or caused a blaze by forgetting to blow out a candle. Bathrooms have been flooded by one in 20 and six per cent of women don’t remember to turn off their hair straighteners.

Less dangerous though equally inconvenient was the 15 per cent who leave their purse at home and 25 per cent frustrated themselves by forgetting to buy bread or milk.

The findings come from a survey of nearly 2,000 people by Epson ReadyInk, who found that nearly half of respondents said the cock-ups came from them having too much going on in their lives.



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