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Suzie’s Toilet Time and Suzie Goes On An Aeroplane by Charlotte Olson – Review



These two books form part of a series of situations that families may find themselves struggling with, especially those with children who experience anxiety or have Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Told in friendly rhyming verse, the books are ideal for children who struggle with transitioning or worrying about what may happen next. The books clearly show each stage of a  particular process with accessible language and illustrations, to show there is nothing to worry about and no fears or surprises about what is going to happen next.

The illustrations by Nicola Moore, are warm and friendly as well as being clear and informative.

The character of Suzie is also a nice touch, considering ASD is mostly associated with boys.



Toilet Time is perfect for all families struggling with potty training as it takes the fear out of the subject and injects positivity and praise.

Going on an aeroplane is a big issue for all children as well as those with ASD. It takes every child out of their comfort zone but the huge process of arriving at an airport and the practicality of flying through the air is one that has been tackled really well in this visual story.

Not every youngster will tolerate fiction, but Charlotte has overcome this issue by creating the perfect blend of fictitious character and visual fact to appeal to a wide range of young readers.

Suitable for children aged two years upwards

Perfect as a bedtime story to help a child address a fear or anxiety and also as a reference point to situations for children with autism.


Available from Amazon or priced £5.99