Three Bristol Primary Schools Closed in One Cabinet Meeting

St. Michael’s on the Mount C of E (VC) Primary School, St George Church of England Primary School and St Pius X Catholic Primary School all closed by Cabinet

“It’s not a day of glory for education in Bristol,” Councillor Anna Keen, said as Cabinet prepared to close their third primary school of Thursday’s meeting.

Coming hot on the heels of the closure and amalgamation of St. Michael’s on the Mount C of E (VC) Primary School and St George Church of England Primary School, Cabinet dived into papers and proposals to close St Pius X Catholic Primary School.

Keen said the St Pius X closure was a different set of circumstances, making a clear distinction between the closure of the previous schools.

She said: ‘It is a school that has struggled not only in terms of numbers but also in terms of the education it has been able to provide. It is therefore quite a different set of circumstances to St Michael’s and St George, which parents have mentioned the quality of education provided there.’

Chair of St George’s PTA, Kayleigh Mossop had earlier told Cabinet that parents at St George had been ‘excluded’ and that the whole process had been ‘mismanaged’.

She said to Cabinet: ‘From start to finish the whole process has been mismanaged, with the initial announcement and meeting causing a lot of parents to be so concerned about the fact that a decision had already been made and we were not going to be listened to, they left the school and added to the declining numbers. It appeared that this was done in a way to aid the outcome that the governors wanted from the start.’

Councillor Helen Godwin said in comment of the closure: ‘It’s probably one of those decisions that doesn’t land well necessarily in a meeting like this where you can’t get into the detail in the way that probably we would like.’

The three school closures can be seen below.