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Boots Pharmacy Bristol Pleads With City For Help

A Boots Pharmacy in Bristol is pleading with residents to ‘do your bit’ to help the pharmacy out. Staff are currently struggling to manage the number of prescriptions they are receiving.

And it’s not just residents who have been called out. Pharmacy staff have also blamed GPs for giving patients unrealistic expectations of when prescriptions can be collected. ‘We know that the doctors have told you it’s ready. They have given you a false expectation,’ the letter states.

The sign, which has been placed on the pharmacy counter as well as at the start of the queue for the pharmacy in The Galleries in Broadmead, also blames ‘government cutbacks’.

It warns residents that over the next 3 years, ’85 per cent of local chemists will not be financially sustainable.’

According to statistics from NHS Business Services Authority, England has the lowest number of community pharmacies since 2015/16.

In June this year, Sainsbury’s Lloyds pharmacies closed all 237 branches permanently. The Mirror also reported last month that 300 Boots stores across the UK would also close.

At the time, Leyla Hannbeck, CEO of Association of Independent Multiple Pharmacies Tweeted: ‘Boots closing 300 of their pharmacies reported in @MirrorBreaking so Far ~1000 pharmacies have closed for good. We have repeatedly highlighted our sector’s big struggles with lack of funding. We urge the government to urgently act to stop the demise of community #pharmacy.’

The full letter text reads:

‘Dear Bristol: An Honest Letter from your local pharmacy

‘Within 3 years, 85 per cent of your local chemists will not be financially sustainable. Due to government cutbacks over the last decade, many pharmacies will close.

‘We understand that it can be frustrating to visit your local chemist. We are making changes to improve our service, and to endure the coming years. Our new systems make the process of getting your prescriptions easier, meaning that for the most part, they should be ready before you need them.

‘We do however require 3 working days to prepare everybody’s prescription. We know that the doctors have told you it’s ready. They have given you a false expectation.

‘We CANNOT continue to process the number of prescriptions that we are currently needing to because patients are not taking the responsibility upon themselves to order their medication properly. This is your health, look after it.

‘You may be asked to come back later. You may be asked to come back another day. You may be asked to come back only after you have had a text. We know this is frustrating however it is necessary. We have replaced the walk in centre that closed upstairs and often need to triage patients on the matter of urgency.

‘We will help everyone to the best of our ability.

‘People of Bristol: You need to order your prescriptions earlier! You need to do your bit to help your local chemists.’

The letter at the pharmacy in Boots Broadmead

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