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Bristol Secondary Schools Progress 8 Results Released

It’s the time of year that families have been heading out on secondary school open evenings and making decisions about year 7 places for September 2024.

After the showtime of impress the parents has wrapped up, schools are about far more than flashy science experiments in the lab or even just performance tables. It’s also important to remember that schools are not equal in terms of admissions criteria, location, academy trust and Send.

One of the official ways the Department for Education looks at how well a school is doing is by comparing Progress 8 scores. This is a way of looking at the abilities of all pupils in a school from their starting point against their end point after GCSEs. The progress children make is then compared to pupil outcomes in other schools to form a comparison table.

The Progress 8 results for Bristol secondaries in the 2022/23 academic year puts these schools in order from Well Above Average to Well Below Average. Although we have not included specialist settings, Kingsweston School managed to achieve a higher Progress 8 score than two mainstream secondaries, putting itself in the table.

St Bede’s Catholic College: 0.57 – Well Above Average
Redland Green School: 0.48 – Above Average
Bristol Cathedral Choir School: 0.41 – Above Average
Montpelier High School: 0.39 – Above Average
St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School: 0.39 – Above Average
Bristol Free School: 0.33 – Above Average
Bristol Metropolitan Academy: 0.31 – Above Average
Bristol Brunel Academy: 0.26 – Above Average
Ashton Park School: 0.13 – Average
Oasis Academy Brislington: 0.11 Average
Cotham School: 0.09 – Average
The City Academy Bristol: 0.07 – Average
Fairfield High School: -0.02 – Average
St Bernadette Catholic Secondary School: -0.2 – Average
Blaise High School: –0.21 – Average
Orchard School Bristol: -0.39 Below Average
Bedminster Down School: -0.42 – Below Average
Oasis Academy John Williams: -0.54 – Well Below Average
Bridge Learning Campus: -0.57 – Well Below Average
Kingsweston School (Specialist): -0.89 – Well Below Average
Oasis Academy Brightstowe: -0.94 – Well Below Average
Merchants’ Academy: -1.22 – Well Below Average

If you want to understand more about Progress 8 and what it means for your school, the Department for Education explains in this 3 minute video.

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