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What It’s Really Like Living In Bristol – St Jude’s

If you read national media, looks at The Guardian, you might think Bristol is a young, dynamic city full of equity, social justice and a banging music scene.

Whilst it can be those things for some, the reality is that Bristol is a very sorry experience for many more.

We live and are based in the St Jude’s area of the city. Since moving here 8 years ago, in many ways it’s changed, whilst in others, it’s stayed the same.

St Jude’s is mostly a large council estate made up with blocks of flats, many residents crammed in and with a lot of over crowding.

There’s also still industry, with trading estates backed to an ever present beat of beeping forklift trucks.

What It’s Really Like Living In Bristol – Here is St Jude’s

Not much has changed in St Jude’s for residents. There’s been no improvements, no community facilities. Even the park is miserable and uninspiring.

As industry has died off, the nature of the area has changed by night, with up to six evening venues that attract young adults and students into the area from 10pm right up until 6am with some events.

This exacerbates antisocial behaviour in the area. Often, Logos House residents are blamed for alcohol and drug related issues in the area, but these are equally created by more affluent young people. They are regularly discarding drinks cans on flat walls, hiding rubbish in people’s communal areas, urinating outside of children’s bedroom windows and standing in the same seedy corners to take drugs before they enter one of the local premises.

The nighttime party area, coupled with high levels of antisocial behaviour, even higher levels of drug dealing and poor housing serves to make it a difficult experience for families.

Standing in the shadow of affluence at Cabot Circus Shopping Centre, the Frome Gateway development which is planned alongside Riverside Park is hoped by housing leads to increase housing and make improvements to its immediate area.

It feels unlikely this will inspire improvements for residents already living in St Jude’s, who have suffered the lack of investment into the council estate for a very long time.

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