Chopsy Baby is reviewing… Birthing Shirt by The Birthing Shirt Company

The Birthing Shirt Company was founded by a mother of two boys who realised there was a gap in the market for practical birthing wear.

As well as needing to be a comfortable and practical design, the Birthing Shirt was made using eco-friendly fabric bamboo jersey. This kind of fabric is soft though durable with great thermal-regulating.

The Birthing Shirt is made up of 65 per cent bamboo, 28 per cent organic cotton mix and 7 per cent Spandex to allow the jersey fabric to stretch and retain its shape during labour and post-pregnancy.

Reviewed by…
Katie Shaw whilst giving birth to her second child Elsie Mae.

Katie says: “The first thing I noticed about the shirt is how cool it feels on my skin. I remember with my first baby, even though she was born in a cold November, just how hot it was in the birthing room and the postnatal ward. The windows didn’t open more than an inch but there was a fan. It is so sweaty though.

“I started wearing it occasionally in the house the week before I was due to give birth to get used to it and practise the positions I wanted to use.

“I noticed how soft the fabric was on my skin. When I was right at the end and fit to burst I found my skin would get itchy easily but not with this shirt.

“The poppers at the front are great. This is brilliant for breastfeeding my baby. I continued to wear the shirt when I got home from hospital too. It un pops right down to my tummy which is lovely for skin to skin contact.

“The shirt is a really practical design. It comes down to my knees but there are slits up both sides. The fabric is stretchy and has give so I felt like the shirt was covering up all the bits I wanted it to but with easy access in and out.

“In the first part of my labour, I was trying to move around and use a birthing ball where possible. This was easy in the shirt as it fits snugly to my body but also allows great flexibility. The shirt doesn’t pull tightly anywhere.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t quite have the labour I wanted to. Things went a bit interventive and I ended up with an epidural. Because of this I had to wear an open back hospital gown. The next day on the postnatal ward, I was able to put my shirt back on as amazingly it didn’t get dirty or mucky. It was great for breastfeeding my new baby Elsie. I wore it for a few weeks in the house while I was getting breastfeeding established and I am hoping to wear it when I have my third baby. Actually, it may just become my new favourite nightdress for winter.”

Best of all…
It feels soft and cool on the skin. Perfect for the super hot maternity units.

Could improve…

A great garment to wear during childbirth and breastfeeding. Comfortable and practical.

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Special Offer: Buy two for £59.98

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Colour: Midnight Blue