Chopsy Baby is reviewing… Just a Dream by Dorreya Wood

Just a Dream is a book aimed at primary school aged children. It follows an adventure experienced by ‘free spirited’ Justin, whose behaviour leaves plenty to be desired.

Justin steals a penguin from a zoo and has a meltdown on his birthday because he was unimpressed with the presents.

He is awakened later that night by one of his birthday presents – a toy penguin – who takes him on a spiritual journey and teaches him about his Higher Self.

The book is written in rhyme and beautifully illustrated in a dreamy style similar to Raymond Briggs. It has been both written and illustrated by Dorreya Wood, who graduated in art and design at the Chelsea College of Art in London.

The story is published by Pick-A-Woo Woo Children’s Books, who have a series of mind, body and spirit books aimed to encourage spiritual growth in children. Other books they have published include stories of angels, spirits, love, mediation, souls and prayer.

The spiritual element certainly won’t be the cup of tea of ‘mainstream’ parents. But, the illustrations are beautiful and there are many children who could do with a touch of spiritual enlightenment instead of Bratz annuals.

Published by Pick-A-Woo Woo
Price: £9.95