Chopsy Baby is reviewing… The Play Super Splash Family Pool and The 3-Ring Fun Pool from Wilkinson


High street hardware store Wilkinson, is a great shopping stop this summer. Their well priced, mid line products are ideal for families looking for garden fun without compromising on the quality.

Chopsy Baby has been testing out two of their paddling pools – a warm weather necessity for every family.

The Wilko Play Super Splash Family Pool

The Super Splash is a whopper at 250cm in length, by 170cm in width and 45 cm in height. It suits a medium sized garden with a good flat surface. We have tested this pool on both grass and concrete, encountering no difficulties.

Before inflating the pool – you will need your own pump – we set it up on a Wilko ground sheet from their camping department. Two of these -sized 12ft x 8 ft – will be ideal for use with this pool.

Use one to lay your pool on to protect the bottom from stones or sharp objects. Use the second one as a pool cover and weigh down in corners.

The Super Splash is not a paddling pool you will be wanting to filling regularly. It’s big and those families on water meters will find it a drain to empty and refill very often.

For younger children and babies, it simply isn’t necessary to fill the pool to capacity. A couple of inches was perfect, though full supervision was still needed.

For older children, the pool can be filled significantly higher, with less parental worry than the monster sized pools where drowning is a much higher risk.

The pool was left standing and filled for several days, making it quickly accessible whenever it was wanted. Because it was always up, the children whined less about wanting to use it and keeping them out was never a problem.

Without a cover, you can get around four – five days use out of the water before it needs changing.

During this time, it stood through very windy weather and a three-day rain storm.

There is a stopper on the bottom of the pool to drain the water. This works quickly and effectively, but emptying half with a saucepan into the wider space of the garden will stop a water feature from forming in the middle of the lawn.

The Wilko Play Super Splash Family Pool has been a rare delight to try out. It has kept the entire family happy and is something Chopsy Baby heartily recommends.

The Wilko 3-ring Fun Pool

This small pool is ideal for young supervised babies and toddlers. The age recommendation is for children aged over three years, but there is no reason why parents fully supervising and helping their little ones cannot use it for very young children.

This is a traditional circular paddling pool. Easy to blow up and take down. It is 102cm width and 23 cm in height.

The best thing about this pool is that it is very cheap but well made. Importantly for us, it does not have a stopper at the bottom to drain the water. On small pools we have used before, the stopper is a weak part which has ripped out of the base after only one or two uses.

As well as for water, this pool is excellent for indoor use as a ball pool for toddlers.

Best of all…
Good quality l0w-cost pools for the summer holidays.

Could improve…
Nothing, though the family pool will make water meters cry.

The Super Splash Family Pool, is a fantastic fixture for the summer. It’s big, sturdy, has survived inclement weather and has been a big hit in tests with children.

The 3-ring Fun Pool will be great in partnership as either a ball pool or water play area for smaller children.

Chopsy Baby Best-Buys for the summer holiday.

You can buy from…

Wilko Play super splash family pool £24.99
Wilko 3-ring fun pool  £4.07

Both products currently on sale

Wilko Groundsheet in Green 12ft x 8 ft

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