Eastwood Farm at Broomhill

Free/entry fee/donation


Eastwood Farm Local Nature Reserve is owned by Bristol City Council and managed by Bristol Parks.

The former farmland is now a nature reserve with river walk, duck pond, wide green spaces and forest areas.

The nature reserve and green spaces is worthy of a day out in sunny weather.

Suitable for children or all ages and dog walkers.

It is possible to push a pram or sturdy buggy through the park.

What’s good for parents and carers?
Plenty of space for kites, picnics and football.

What’s good for children?
Duck pond and plenty of birds and wildlife.

A park committee arranges events through the year.

What is access like?
Easy access from Eastwood Road and Whitmore Avenue.

Pram access through the park is fine.

No toilets.

Any issues?
None, will be very exposed in bad weather.

What sort of time frame will the visit take?
As long as you like.

A really good place to take excited children.

Where to go for more information


On the number one bus route to Broomhill