Drugs Busts, Police and St Jude’s – Typical Night

Every time I decide to have an early night – well if 9.30pm is early – the buzzer on the video intercom goes off. It’s a horrid sound that cuts right through you, making you jump a mile. I would turn it off because it can go off all through the night. But after the Pollard/Elim gas evacuation incident, I’m keeping it on.

Every time I look at the monitor it’s always the same story. “It’s the police, we’re not here for you can you let us in?”

Avon and Somerset Police Van
Classic Curtain Twitching shows the familiar site of a police van. Again.

Last night there was another van full of them waiting to come in. The soft introduction makes me wonder if gaining access to blocks of flats around here is difficult because people look out, see the police and hide in the cupboard with their cannabis plants.

Hiding in the cupboard will do no good here. Apparently the police brought sniffer dogs with them last Thursday when arriving at the flats. I was most disappointed to miss sniffer dogs. It would have made a refreshing change to the usual dog-free stampeding officers thundering up two flights of stairs. I could also have shouted ‘house’. Apart from the coastguard and mountain rescue, I would probably have seen every single type of emergency service possible.

My neighbour frantically text me to say the police were outside with a big red door key. This was really disappointing because the video intercom and security key fob system had only been recently repaired.

A typical night in St Jude’s Bristol. A Thursday night drugs bust is a pretty tame event compared to most call-outs on Wade Street.

Luckily, they must have done their “It’s the police, we’re not here for you can you let us in?” routine to a different neighbour, because they saved the enforcer for the Asbo flat upstairs.

Whilst I would never argue with these don’t-mess-with-me police officers, that enforcer is not coming through my secure communal entrance.

It’s not difficult tracking drugs around St Judes. If officers sat outside with a couple of cans of cider for an afternoon, they could probably do a mass criminal clear-up. People are not discreet with their drug dealing. It’s usually done at volume and in plain sight.

But, we operate a Never Look Out Of The Window policy here. I’ve accidentally seen things that nobody should ever see and now can’t un-see. Dealing drugs outside is as natural to St Judes as cows to the countryside. But Pretty Woman was definitely a lie and even Julia Roberts would have baulked at the literal comings and goings on Wade Street.


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